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A TASTE FOR THE ALIEN is a sci-fi novel  I decided to write and post at this link for free:


The reason is simple: I’m a young Italian writer and this is the first fiction that I write directly in another language. English is not my mother language, so I will need your help to correct the many errors I will certainly do.  Your comments and grammatical suggestion will be fundamental to create a real good book, that I hope will appeal to many.

First thing first: presentations. My name is Mariachiara and I love to write strange stories, inspired by my dreams. And, believe me, my dreams can be real wacky. I’m also an avid reader and among sci-fi authors I adore Lois MacMaster Bujold. I’m also a great fan of Star trek and sci-fi movies like Serenity and The chronicles of Riddick, so after writing a chick lit, an historical romance and a fantasy novel, in italian … I finally decided to follow my love of science fiction and try to write a sci-fi novel. In Italy this genre is not very popular, so I resolve to write it in english, to reach readers that can better appreciate it.

A taste for the alien is a story about freedom, diversity and integration. But is also about domination, love and power, with a very sexy twist and so much irony.

Enjoy, and please comment, comment, comment.






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